White with Silver Paw Prints Urn - ETP16 with Optional Personalisation

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The urn is perfect for a cat or small dog, it is made of solid aluminium ensuring it can be buried if desired as it will never degrade. It is handmade with silver paws hand carved and painted into a white background. 

The urn comes in two sizes, medium or large.

The medium size measures approximately 6inches/15.24cm in height by 5.25inches/13.33cm in diameter with a Capacity of 0.7l which is suitable to hold up to approximately 19.37kg/42.7lbs of body weight before cremation which equates to 42.7 cubic inches of ashes.

The large size measures approximately 7 inches/18cm in height by 7 inches/18cm in diameter with a Capacity of 1.9l which is suitable to hold up to approximately 52.59kg/115.95lbs of body weight before cremation which equates to 115.95 cubic inches of ashes.

This pet urn has a tightly closing threaded secure lid.

Each Urn is completely handmade and so is 100% unique and will differ slightly from piece to piece.

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