Blue with Silver Odyssey - ETP21

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The urn is perfect for a cat or small dog, it is made of solid aluminium ensuring it can be buried if desired as it will never degrade. It is handmade and hand painted in a matte blue finish. 

The urn comes in two sizes, medium or large.

The medium size measures approximately 3.5inches/8.89cm in height by 4.75inches/10.06 in diameter with a Capacity of 0.8l which is suitable to hold up to approximately 22.13kg/48.8lbs of body weight before cremation which equates to 48.8 cubic inches of ashes.

The large size measures approximately 4.75inches/12.06cm in height by 5.5inches/13.97cm in diameter with a Capacity of 1.15l which is suitable to hold up to approximately 31.82kg/70.17lbs of body weight before cremation which equates to 70.17 cubic inches of ashes.

This pet urn has a tightly closing threaded secure lid.

Each Urn is completely handmade and so is 100% unique and will differ slightly from piece to piece.

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